Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Wednesday...Welcome to Haunted Humpday!

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to Haunted Humpday, a Halloween blog event hosted by Marfi Bradford of Incipient Wings!
I will be joining Marfi and all the other fab artists each Wednesday posting spooky, haunted and terrifying art and photos....muuuuwwwwhhhaaaaa....My post this week features a resin skull I purchased at Michaels and altered/rusted with the Sophistocated Finishes Rusting kit....and of course a haunted post would not be complete without a new altered dolly head I made in Michael DeMeng's Distressed DollHead workshop....Don't believe in creepy dolls gone wild? Watch this...if you dare.....

Be sure to visit Marfi's blog today to find all the other Haunted Blog posts listed in the comments. Have a great day and be very very afraid! xo


Incipient Wings said...

LOL, thank you for joining in this week Kim!
The skull looks so good!love the effect.

ooh the altered doll is it on a bottle?

love Michael DeMeng's work, he's so funny.
I can't stop picturing these creepy dollies riding around on cats!

thank you for sharing!!
have a great week:)

Janet Ghio said...

thanks for sharing the video Kim!!

Sim said...

Brrrrr! I love them Kim! :D

JoAnne said...

Kim, congrats on your etsy and quick sales! Congrats also to the buyers who have exceptional taste in art. xoxo

Ann said...

love the rusted skull!!! i'm going to have to "borrow" this idea from you!!!
your new dolly head is spectacular!!!!
i will visit the other know how i love spooky,haunted and terrifying art!!! the darker and creepier,the better!!!

Ms Misantropia said...

Love the distressed dolly head, and what a strange little video!

Victoria said...

Super beautiful and spooky post for Marfi! Fantastical creations!!

Frosted Petunias said...

Hi Kim! I love both of your altered pieces. The doll head is wonderfully haunted and creepy. Thank you for sharing the video too. I love Michael DeMeng's work. Happy Haunted Humpday!


DogsMom said...

Even tho the dogs were barking at the video (it WAS scary!) I loved it. I also love this time of year when I can keep my creepy artwork out and people don't think it is odd.

Mina said...

Oh Kim, I just busted out laughing at the end. Does that make me truly creepy and demented? ;-)

I don't know how he managed to keep a straight face during that filming. Thanks for the dark laughs sweetie! Mina