Monday, October 24, 2011

Spooky Monday...Let's Get Creepy!

For today's Spooky Monday post... Here are some vintage photos that are amusing, sometimes mind boggling...and a few, downright creepy!

Funny....and creepy??

Creepy....and so not funny....

Mind boggling?

Almost creepy....

If this is what Santa really looks like...please don't come to my house!

Same goes for you creepy Easter Bunny! this where Lady GaGa got her idea for the meat dress?


Very spooky!


And just too funny not to include in this post!! lol

Have a good...I mean creepy week everyone! xo


JoAnne said...

Thanks Kim! Those are great!

Jan Larson said...

Thanks for sharing these great images. Some of these are seriously creepy!!

Motherkitty said...

Great pictures! The two girls at the picnic table was cool. ;-)

Jann said...

I got quite a kick out of all these great images! Thanks for sharing!

frasltd said...

love the photo and some are creepy but that santa and rabbit!? yuk 2x. it's a wonder the children aren't frightened.