Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cupie Stick Pins!

Need a cute, quick, easy project to give as a gift, wear as a hat or lapel pin or accent your altered art? I made these Cupie Head Stick pins using items from LisaKettellDesigns...want to know how I did it? Here you go....

LKD Cupie Dollheads
LKD FrouFrou Stickpins
LKD Green Glitter Stars
Glitter..I used white, pink and blue
Paper Flowers

Take FrouFrou stick pin and gently slide it into  the Cupie Doll head. Check to be sure it's where you want before you continue. Put a thin line of white glue on head and sprinkle with glitter. Add rhinestone accent. For Cupie Flower Stickpins, glue bottom of pin to star, add glitter and paper flower. What next? Add more glitter! (be careful when working with the stickpin, you can add a pin keeper to the end to prevent getting poked and to finish the artpin.)

Cupie Dollhead Stickpins are shown on LKD Bingo card, also available in the shop! xo


BLiSsAngELs said...

super cute ... and they would love fabulous on a winter coat

deb famularo said...

I love these! Super cute! I have to do this!!!!

Ann said...

so cute!!
love the new look,by the way!!!

Kelly_Deal said...

Super cute!