Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Haunted Humpday!

Welcome to Week 2 of Haunted Humpday hosted by Incipient Wings! This week I have been working on 'Jeannie in a Bottle', another altered bottle with an altered vintage doll head stopper. I altered a Halloween bottle from Michaels again but in a slightly different way. I adore the bright green glass and didn't want to change that, so instead I made a face mold and added it the front of the bottle, then painted the face with acrylic paints and black mica flake. The vintage doll head is altered to look like a cute but creepy little demon, using acrylic paints, resin clay and black mica flake. I'll be adding ribbons and embellishments to the bottle once all the paint and glaze is dry.
So what makes this post a haunted post, besides the old dirt, dust and cobwebs in my unclean kitchen? Well, ask yourself this instead...who is Jeannie? Why is the bottle named 'Jeannie in the Bottle'? Figure it out yet?
So the story goes that a cute but creepy little demon lured poor Jeannie to look inside the pretty green bottle...when she did he trapped her soul inside...and what you see now is her face as she tries to escape...from...the...inside...of...the...botttlllleee......muuuuuwwaaahhaaaa.....
Please be sure to stop by the other Haunted Humpday posts by going to the Incipient Wings blog and scrolling down to comments. And look for a post from me in the next week announcing a Haunted Doll Challenge for October...details coming soon!

And a quick note..I promise I will be posting other things besides haunted dolls....but right now I am possessed.....oh, no...I mean OBSESSED...with dolls!

Happy Wednesday and hope you have a super Haunted Humpday! xo


Incipient Wings said...

Ooh Kim!
What a naughty little demon!
I love how Jeannie's face looks trying to pop out of the glass!
The hair and the horns are so neat... Is that the resin clay on there?
The way the doll head looks, all creepy and scary with the bright apple green bottle is such an amazing contrast:)
Thank you for joining in this week.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous and intriguing..such talent! Beautifully done! Visiting from Marfi's! Enjoyed my visit..Love your enchanted and spooky magic!

DogsMom said...

Your obsession is contageous. I have found a "spare" doll head (or four) laying about my crafting things.
Now if only I could find a bit of your talent, too. ;(

I am enjoying visiting on Haunted Humpday

BLiSsAngELs said...

okay note to oneself if say little cute demon don't let him trap me in the bottle..... very spooky

boo hugs wendy

JoAnne said...

Happy Haunted Humpday Kim! Love the newest addition!

Witchy J said...

Love the bottle, the little demon looks more mischievous than evil, lets hope he lets little Jeannie out soon.

Celia said...

This is fantastic!! I love it!!