Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Altered Pez Dispenser...how cool is this?

I have been taking Michael DeMeng's  Pez Dispensing Totem Workshop and here is my first altered Pez dispenser! He's a simple little guy that I've named Little Jack. I'm most proud of the fact that he still dispenses Pez candy even after all the altering and sculpting.

Here's how the Pez started out, a cute little purple monster. Now that I've done my first 'test' Pez, I'm going to try something a little more complex in design. So much fun!!


Sim said...

He is impressive indeed!
It's amazing that he's still dispensing pez sweets!
I love him!

Meihsia Liu said...

Wow... this creation looks fun and cute! :)

Ann said...

oh,Kim!! fabulous!!!!!!
he is just awesome!!!
marvelous ,marvelous,marvelous!!!!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

How cute indeed! I love your altered pez, it's wonderful!

missy k said...

Adorable! and still functioning!


Karen x

Dawn said...

I like the idea of altering a Pez very cool it also STILL WORKS good for you lol Dxx

JoAnne said...

OMG Kim, he is VERY cool!