Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blue & BrokenHearted Valentine Ornament....Tutorial!

I made this hanging Valentine Ornament using images from the new kit by HiddenVintageStudios.....

Want to make a Valentine Ornament like mine? Here's how I did it....

Supplies you will need: Images from BlueandBrokenheartedKit, small to medium sized Valentine paper plate (I got mine at Walmart), a crepe paper fan (I got mine from Hobby Lobby), ribbon, lace, plastic Valentine Heart embellishment, strong glue ( I used Aleene's Tacky Glue), glitter and tulle for accent.

1. Assemble 'doll' from images from kit. I glued mine but you could also use brads to make the arms and legs move.
2. Glue ends of crepe paper fan together so it remains open and glue to paper plate, center as desired.
3. While that is drying, add glue to edges of plate and sprinkle with glitter. Let all this dry.
4. Glue doll to front, make sure to use enough glue to make your doll secure.
5. Add hanger on top by gluing ribbon or string to back of plate.
6. Add lace to bottom by gluing lace to back bottom of plate.
7. Add tulle around doll, glue in place.
8. Let it all dry completely!

Hope you enjoy making your ornament and please visit DeviantScrap to see all the wonderful kits and designs! xo


BLiSsAngELs said...

Great tutorial Kim

Linda said...

Not traditional but very cute.