Tuesday, February 5, 2013

29 Faces..Updated Days 1-28...Scroll down for latest work!

Day 1...Painting I did in DollDreams Cardboard Project at the end of last year....posted in 29Faces FB group!

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

I have been revisiting some of my old sketches and I have to admit, I've come a long way in the past couple of years. My sketching used to involve alot of tears, temper tantrums and chocolate...but now I can happily say after taking many workshops and watching lots of other artists who I admire do their art, I feel I have a better eye for creating a face. I still get frustrated and still think the eyes and mouths I sketch need work but all in all I'm feeling much more confident. The sketches on this post for Days 1-4 were all drawn with pencil using a face from a magazine as a template.

And now for the the 29Faces for the rest of the month...updated as often as possible.....

Day 6....Sketch from Lesson One of ChickCandy workshop. I love this whimsical style but getting the proportions right is alot harder than it looks! I really need to fix that nose so it looks more like nostrils.

Day 7...Small 5x5 mixed media collage painting I did in ChickCandy. Fun project!

Day 8....

Day 9....not done by me of course but this one of my favorite photos of Marilyn Monroe.

Day 10.....Cut and paste atc

Day 11....Closeup of cut and paste atc

Day 12....sketches for Jane Davenport workshop in 2012

Day 13.....sketch for Jane Davenport workshop....prismacolor pencils

Day 14....Mixed media fairy in art journal

Days 15, 16, 17.....took a stress break!

Day 18....BowBunny


Day 19-28....I give up, doing art this way is just not my thing! I truly admire everyone who followed thru on this challenge. I like sketching the occasional face but just not every day. This has been a true learning experience and much thanks to the host of this event! xo


Terri said...

Hello Kim, Your faces are fab! I am have been learning to draw for a little while now too, and it is so good to see progress!
Day 1-4 all look great to me : )
Well done!

Janet Ghio said...

All of your faces look great Kim

Linda said...

moving right along-makeing progress. i like your faces, lots of variety, each different.

Ann said...

wonderful faces kim!!

Manda said...

These are great Kim! Each has her own little character. Wonderful work!

Gloria in CA said...

I think they are wonderful faces. Thank you for sharing.

SAMARA said...

Hi Kim: I am SO impressed with your openness and your persistence to learn the face thing. I hear ya sista! I love what you have shown and truly love your pics. I SO identify with the empty nest thing. If you want some more personal details of what it did to me email me (samaranavi@bell.net) I never believed it could have such an effect. I love how you have journalled that into a photo and I really sense it from the photo/pic/painting. Funny how I keep saying photo - it is because it really seems to emit the pain and lament of what you talk about. This is a success! Happy PPF to you too and Thank You!

Terri Corona said...

Wow, what a great variety of faces! Very fun to look through. Your last one is very sweet, and very lovely but sad - I hope the sadness fades.