Monday, February 20, 2012

New Swap Announcement Coming!!

I am almost ready to announce my first blog swap! WhooHooo!

I have set up a second blog for hosting so please visit Tabby'sSwaps and become a Follower. I will be announcing the swap signup a little later this week. What will we be swapping? We will be swapping 1x3 inch mini cards! These are a little larger than a Moo sized card but smaller than an atc. They are quick and easy to make...and very very addictive. You can find lots of beautiful collage sheets with 1x3 slide images that are perfect for this swap. So look for more info later this week...Look forward to swapping with you! xo


Linda said...

looking forward to trying the cards. now i'll go check out the swap site. have a great week.

Ann said...

how fun!!
i'm on my way over Kim!

Sam I Am...... said...

Where do you get those mini cards. Everything I saw wanted you to order them printed or they were already printed on. Do you cut your own? Obviously I'm not ready for a swap but I keep dabbling along the edges! I'm going to look for tutorials now! LOL! TTYL!

Kasia said...

Interesting! though I usually dont do swaps. :) I love what you did to the blog design! Looks so pretty! :D