Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank You's....There's more!

Beautiful flower fairy and snow angel from the most fab Wendy of BlissAngels....and the flower fairy is nestled in a beautiful Pashmina shawl, a gift from Wendy! It's so soft and I love the colors. I've always wanted to own one but never bought one for myself. Thank you so much Wendy! xoxo

I just received this amazing gift box from Linda, a good friend I met on the MaryJanesFarm forum! OMG! She knows I collect cabinet cards and sent me this collection of men, women and children mostly from the Lancaster, PA area. A package of Godiva hot chocolate with a HOMEmade  marshmallow! I'm going to have to hide that from my son for sure. A hot cider sachet that smells wonderful, perfect for this time of year....and beautiful handmade soap that is now in my bathroom. A beaded tree pin that is now on my jean jacket...and the most amazing Horse Tag that I ADORE!! She knows I love horses but I don't think she knows how much I LOVE Carousel horses...I collect them! This reminds me so much of the Carousel I used to ride when I was a kid. Thank you so much Linda for your generosity and kindness! Happy New Year!xoxo

I won this very cool Gothic Arch from Martina last year and I don't think I ever posted a pic...isn't it amazing?? I love it! xoxo

And I believe I posted a pic of this beautiful altered tile from Janet but in case I didn't, here it is. It's so amazing, you can't really see all the detail and embellishment in the photo but it's just so me...pink and sparkly! xo


Lorraine said...

Hi Kim...I came here from Paper Whimsy. Sorry you won't be joining the Valentine Card swap there, hopefully next time around. Love your blog, lots of pretty things! ~Lorraine

Jann said...

Aren't blogging friends just the greatest? Your gifts are all so lovely!

Ann said...

how lovely are all these treasures!!!!
you are a special person!!

artistamyjo said...

You have some lovely treasures and a terrific blog as well.

artistamyjo said...

You have some lovely treasures and a terrific blog as well.

Sam I Am...... said...

What gorgeous "pretties"!!! You are so deserving of all of it as I have been on the side of your generosity. What are cabinet cards though? I am such a newbie or wannabee with all this paper crafting but I sure love to look at it all. The woman in that last card was so beautiful...her eyes were haunting. I have been wanting to try to make homemade marshmallows...another thing for my bucket list! My life's getting shorter and my bucket list is getting longer...uh oh! So happy you were on the receiving end of some lovely gifts!

Linda said...

I'm back! computer like new and trying to catch up on your postings. (such fun)oh the believe book is so incredible-i love your color combinations. so glad the box arrived ok. i didn't know you collected carousal horses but will keep an eye out for them. i am very pleased you are willing to give the cabinet cards a good home. i was able to buy the lot for such a small amount it makes my face red thinking i gave you such an inexpensive gift. all your goodies are very nice! you have such a giving heart-it's fun to bring you some pleasure.

Kasia said...

Oh Im in love with the material behind the first picture and the pictures you got are first class! :D All your goodies are paradise!


Martina2801 said...

Beautiful gifts for a wonderful person who deserves it!
Thank you for sharing, Kim!

Lynn Stevens said...

Beautiful gifts Kim,
Aren't bloggers the most generous souls!
Enjoy your riches.
Hugs Lynn