Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Get Out The Tissues.....

Yes, that's right...it's that time of year again...when I take another drawing workshop! For anyone who remembers my last attempt, it involved alot of swearing, crying and temper tantrums as I attempted to make myself 'enjoy' drawing like I did when I was much younger. But this time it will be different, I promise! I've already starting taking Jane Davenport's SuppliesMe online workshop where she starts out by teaching you the supplies like colored pencils, markers, etc so you know what the heck you are doing when you get out that journal to start drawing...Brilliant! I LOVED buying school supplies in elementary school and this kinda feels like that again now that I know what my drawing goals are and the best tools to get there. Yay! I also signed up for her IHeartDrawing class but am going to wait to start that one until I am more confident. One of my art goals for 2012 is to enjoy art journaling and drawing, something I don't do because I've become so goal oriented in my art (my art life began to revolve around what swaps are due and I got very burnt out.) I'm going to be doing all those online workshops (of course!) but I'm also going to be doing more personal art and learn to develop my own style. What are your art goals for 2012?

Here are some Christmas Snowball ornaments I made from a workshop on EclecticArtStudio and the Snow ATC was for a swap.  Look for a post from me next week showing all the gorgeous art items I've received recently and also look for a giveaway announcement after the New Year....and one more surprise....

I am planning on hosting my own swaps in 2012...I'll keep you posted as I put together the details!

Now go forth and shop till you drop for the Holiday Season! xo


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim. Try not to worry about drawing. When you are all tense from worry it's harder to draw. Instead, try to set your mind free and when in doubt draw the negative space. Personally I am not very good at drawing but I can paint realistically. The reason is because I paint the negative spaces and the rest just comes together.

Negative space is easier to see when working from a photo but even from life it is there, literally all around the subject. Check out the book, "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards. I learned everything I know about drawing from that book and do the warmups before every drawing exercise. Hey, you never know...you just might be the star of the class!

I am taking lots of classes myself in the new year. Maybe I will "see you" there. Hugs and Merry Christmas! Connie

Janet Ghio said...

Oh Kim-you are a brave soul to try a drawing class again--I've taken several of them and the fact is that I don't really like sketching--I like drawing the "pretty faces" that some teach in their classes, but as far as drawing or sketching something real--it just isn't me. I admire you for persevering!!
I would love to take part in your swaps next year. Please keep me in mind.

Kasia said...

Hello Kim! I know when I draw it has to be something Im really into. Try with some still life for starters, just to get back in the feel!
Great to see you'll be hunkering down to some artsy experiences, thats always good. And your ornies and collage are beautiful! :)


Linda said...

oh boy looking forward to the swaps. i'm going to try more classes this coming year and i like your idea of developing my own work instead of always working on items to be sent out. Have a fabulous 2012!

artbywendy said...

you have a great sense of humor!I love the idea of some new swaps out there! I hope you have fun with your drawing class!

Ann said...

Kim..you'll find your "drawing Kim" !! I admire you so! I can't draw a bit! My husband tried to teach me..no good!!! It's like using my feet,not hands!! You have such artistic ability and excel in whatever art form you do!!!
Looking forward to the Kim 2012!!!

HeArt Collective said...

blessings of the solstice, miss kim <3

looks like you've been having fun gettin' your craft on!
i hope you have a warm and cozy holiday

Gaby Bee said...

Hello Kim,
Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Gaby xo

Birgit said...
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