Thursday, November 3, 2011

Did you hear the news? It's a Giveaway...Updated!!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The winners of the Art Stash Color Giveaway are:

Light Neutrals box:  Kasia,  Chatelet
Dark Neutrals box: Beverly H, Dixienites
Shades of Blue box: Nelly, BellaNellas
Shades of Red box: Linda, Lambworld
Shades of Purple box: Celia, Adventures of the Striped Stocking
Shades of Pink box: JoAnne, VintageDragonfly

Ladies, I will be contacting you by email to get your mailing addresses...Congrats and hope you enjoy the boxes I have put together for you! I am still going thru my stuff so these will be mailed out on Saturday, December 3rd by Priority Mail.  Thanks so much to everyone who played! xoxo

Call your friends.....

Don't be shy.....

So what do you win...and how do you get a chance to win it?

I am once again cleaning out my stuff and am doing another 'color' giveaway...I'll be sorting out lots of great art stuff and other assorted odds and ends by color/style...all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post telling why you are a winner AND most importantly, what is your fav color!  It's that easy! I'll pick the winners using on Monday, November 21st. Yup, you heard right....WINNERS. How many will win? I won't know that until I finish cleaning out my stuff but when I did this giveaway at the beginning of the year, there were 4-5 winners. Yay!

Have fun and thanks for playing! xo


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, Kim, what a fabulous giveaway!! I may have to do this as I have been accumulating so much stuff! Maybe at the beginning of the year!!

All righty, my favorite color, ummmm, lately it seems to be creams :)


artistamyjo said...

Hi Kim, What fun!!
My favorite color is red and I deserve to win because I'm so nice!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh what a fab giveaway kim,
fav color is PINK
what a fabulous idea

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

What a great giveaway - love the pictures you used too! My favorite colors are sage green or black. Thanks!

Celia said...

What a great giveaway! If I have to pick a favorite color....I guess I will have to pick Purple...all shades.

artbywendy said...

Great idea! I seem to gravitate to the color yellow, but I also like white!


I am a winner because.... my biopsy results came up negative this week!

My favorite Colors.... well, peacock colors are my favorites! blues, greens, bronze....etc. I love caribbean blues. I should be a peacock living in the Bahamas! lol

Linda said...

I'm a winner any day the sun shines here in the Pacific Northwest and it was out ALL day today! What a fun favorite color is red.

Linda said...

Oh wow! this is just too tempting. Needlewings is a winner because her biopsy was negative-good for you. Mine was positive 3 years ago but here I am-yes! i like most colors but my very most favorite is aqua. and i can never say no to greens. Must be a nature thing. Love your pictures! You have a terrific sense of humor and i often get a laugh when visiting you. keep your well.

JoAnne said...

I just love it when you clean Kim! I'm still into the neutrals and earthtones. Pinks & greens have recently grown on me too.

Nelly said...

Great idea for a giveaway! I'm a winner because I'm always learning new things in art and try to make time for it every week. My fav color lately is a robin's egg blue.
Thanks for your generosity, Kim.

Janet Ghio said...

How difficult to pick a favorite color!! Well, my current favorite color would have to be one of the colors of Santa Fe since I just got back from there, so I think I will chose the golden yellow of the aspens (altho I love pink adobe and sage green too)

CJ Hyland said...

What a great idea for a giveaway! Hmmm, I guess if I had to pick a favorite color it would be red - all shades!

Susan said...

Oh Kim, you are always up to something aren't you? BTW, did you get to my witch's tea party? I have 3 giveaways, there is still time. (I also have a small destash giveaway a few posts before that)

"I am a winner---because I have wonderful blog friends!"

My favorite colors are hard to say, but I'll go with greens and yellows!
Hugs and BB,

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Hi Kim....oh my goodness why am I a winner...hmmmm because I am loved by the best man God gave me. I am content with what I have, my tiny house, my stray cats, my closet that I craft magic in and with my little black box where all my friends are just a click away!
I love shades of autumn best...soft apple reds, pumpkin oranges, sunset pinks, dusty sage and the purples of Michaelmas daisies.
Sending you blessings of the season, Karla

Martina2801 said...

Oh Kim, what a unique giveaway! The photos fit perfectly. Great idea! You know that I`m a great admirer of your art. Thank you for a chance to win!
By the way: My favorite color is turquoise:-)

LuLu Kellogg said...

WOW Kim, what a great Giveaway.

I am a winner since I woke up breathing this morning which is good if you are getting older! LOL!
Orange is my favorite color and it's a color that most people don't want anyway!

Happy Friday!!


Birgit said...
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lynn said...

that is a wonderful idea, you can destash so you can buy more goodies .. lol my very favorite color is lavender... reminds me of beautiful lilacs in the spring.. *sigh*
i would love to be entered into this giveaway..
have a great weekend

beverly h said...

Hi Kim! I need to clean out and organize my craftworkz after the Halloween flurry.

Fav colors? Cream & black or anything "earthy".

Thanks for going thru all your "stuff"!


Theresa Merkling said...

Does a person have to have only one favorite color? My sitting room is white and vintage pinks and other soft colors. My art room is light blue with tons of varied blues - guess those would be my favorites...

Why I'm a winner? My first grandbaby due Dec 11. Getting pretty excited.

Vivien said...

I am a winner because I get to read all these wonderful blogs!

My favorite colors are blues, greens, and purples.

suzeeez said...

I am a winner beacause my world is less lonely with all of the friends I've made in blogland !

My favorite color is green :o)

Lynn Stevens said...

First off Kim I Adore your new blog look. hahahaha!!! so cute!

oh favorite color hummmmm? thats a tough one maybe blue! since I live in jeans. Why I'm a winner, because I have so many great blog friends!
Come sign up for my giveaway. I'll post you on my side bar hun!
hugs Lynn

A Work In Progress said...


What a great idea... You got me thinking of my favorite color... I love all colors... I do see myself attracted to reds and neutral colors lately. I know I am supposed to tell you why I am a winner and I have to say I just don't think that way.. I guess if I won I would have to say because I was blessed to receive such a gift.


Michele said...

I am a winner because, any day above ground is a good day!!!! My favorite color is blue, because I love the ocean!


kluckingbear said...

I love the Catharine Aird quote at the top of your page! It sums me up and that, I think, is why I MUST be a winner. A PURPLEY winner at that!

The StarFire Witch / Bald Girl said...

I am a winner. I am a winner because I see the beauty in all things. I choose to hold myself high and carry on when life gets tough. As well I encourage others around me with a kind word or a hug so they can do the same. But I'm not the only winner, we are all winners. You, me, everybody. Love yourselves.

starfirewitch AT gmail DOT com

The StarFire Witch / Bald Girl said...

oh and before I forget my fav colour is a shade, black of course. But if I had to choose a colour it'd be brown. But they are all wonderful.

Kasia said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I would love for a chance to win! A surprise giveaway is such a creative idea! :D

Hmmm fave colours.. anything earthy or pastel. :)

Many hugs,

BLISS angels said...

KIm I'm a winner because I can count you as one of my dear friends... and favorite colour OH boy give an hard question... Teal,pink... moss green and any jewel tone colour rudy red , purple, see I have so mant favorite that was a hard question... it made my brain hurt LOL Hugs wendy

and I wore my bloomers on halloween night... dress as a forture teller... I was a hit with all the kids well that's because I told them i could see lots of candy in their futures Ha Ha!

inkytoes said...

what a creative way to announce a give-away. i just discovered your blog via a link from Lynn Stevens. and am so happy i did click the link. i like your blog. being a visual person who likes humor, i have take to it like a duck to water. i also love happening upon stashes. i am live-in caretaker to my 88 yr old mother and have been helping her gradually clean out boxes and closets. have found some cool stuff. so if i happen to have one of the lucky numbers, my favorite color is hot pink. that being said, i like purple, red, blue, green and most any other color too.

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Kim
I am a winner because I came to Kim's Tabby Place to become a winner!
I love the colors aqua and rust together. Sounds like a fab giveaway!
Thank you for the chance to win!
Teresa in California

Shelley said...

I'm a winner since I found your amazing blog totally by accident. I cannot remember how I got here but it is just wonderful. I love stumbling across creative geniuses like that!Inspirational and my favourite colour is blue. I love the shade of aqua but anything blue is fine.

Aimeslee said...

Wowzers, I can't miss being in this!!!! My favorite color? PURPLE! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Kim I'm a winner each and every morning I wake up :D
and my favorite colors these days are turquoise and creams...
i hope you were out enjoying this lovely weather we've been having :D

queenb2u said...

Wow, I'm a winner because I just came across your blog and artwork. Really inspired. Count me in. I love greens and blues...the earth and the sky. Thanks for the great swap. Hugs. Beth

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Oh, such inspiration here to clean out my stash of stuff. I really do need to clean things out. I'm a winner...because I know the Lord as my Saviour! What could be better? My favorite colors...(this is hard to narrow down to one) probably green. Thanks for the chance! ; )

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim..........Love your blog (found it on PW and popped over).

You are industrious with all the cleaning out and generous to offer what you gather as a giveaway. What a novel idea!

My fav color changes but RED is always nice. Matches my hair!

I am bookmarking your blog so I can visit more often! Another great way to keep in touch with your lovely art!


sherry L. said...

I am a winner 3 year old thinks I am!! I would say creams or burgundy colors!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Just got to join in on the fun! I'm a winner because Nov. is my birthday month! Ha ha! My favorite color is turquoise, for now! Patsy from

Cher said...

oh how fun! I shouldl do this too lolol...ty for the idea! My fav color would be blue... any shade any day a winner? actually never happens in these types of things...but my hubby thinks I am a winner after 31 years...and my kids think I am as I have heard it enuf to actually believe it! great heart you have... xo cher

Miri Agassi said...

Hi Kim, what a fabulous giveaway!,, Lately my favorite colors are "earthy" colors. I wish you all the best.

Sarah said...

Such a generous and great idea. Well, I can't be fabulous every day but today I cooked hubby a real meal with gravy as I'm ahead on my projects... and actually made it into the kitchen before he fainted from starvation, so I kind of feel like I'm winning today. I love blues and browns 24/7...Sarah.

Birgit said...

Congrats to the lucky winners -- I am happy for you, ladies! :)

Oh, and Kim -- thanks for your generosity. It's always thrilling when you announce a giveaway. :)


Kasia said...

OHHHHH my goodness! Ive emailed you already BUT Im still dancing with joy!!!! This is my first time winning a giveaway and it looked as if I didnt care! -.- I feel SOOO bad about not seeing this before! THANK YOU again dear!!!! Im over the moon! :D


Lynn Stevens said...

Congrats to your winners Kim, Thats so funny two of your winners also won on my recent giveaway, must be there lucky month! LOL
hugs Lynn