Friday, October 28, 2011

Witches Tea Party....Come and sit for a spell.....

Welcome to my Witches Tea Party hosted by Frosted Petunias! I hope you got my invitation to the party? Here are some of my special guests that will be attending this year.....

Samantha Stevens.....(Bewitched)

Sally and Gillian Owens....(Practical Magic)

Angelique.....(Dark Shadows)

Gillian and Pywacket....(Bell, Book and Candle)

Elvira....(Mistress of the Dark)

Willow.....(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Glenda....the Good Witch....and her sister.....

The Wicked Witch of the West.....(Wizard of Oz)

And of course...Tabitha Lenox.....(Passions)

We will play fun party games....Gladys and her friends enjoy a round of 'Pull My Finger' at their recent Witches Tea Party....

Make sure to use your best china and magic tea cups.....

And don't forget the cupcakes!

How To Read Tea Leaves.....
1.Gather the supplies needed for your tea reading session. Loose tea, hot water, white or light colored tea cup, saucer, and napkin.
2.Place a teaspoon (not heaping, tea leaves swell when wet) of loose tea leaves inside the cup. Pour hot water over the tea, filling the cup.
3.While the tea is seeping have the querent hold the cup in the palms of her hands. At this time the querent should be focusing her thoughts on the question. The question can be stated out loud, or kept private.
4.When the tea is no longer hot, but warm or luke-warm, the tea is to be drank. Take care not to swallow the tea leaves. Leave a small amount of water in the cup.
5.The cup is then passed over to the reader. The reader gently swirls the liquid in circles inside the cup, allowing the tea leaves to stick to the sides (insides) of the tea cup.
6.Place a napkin on the saucer and turn the cup upside down onto the saucer. After a couple of minutes, return the cup to its upright position.
7.The reader now looks inside the cup and begins to interpret any symbols ( dots, circles, triangles, squares, animals, objects, numbers, letters) formed by the tea leaves.
8.Symbol meanings are interpreted differently depending on the "feeling" the reader gets when seeing them. Numbers for example, can indicate days, weeks, months or even years. Letters can represent clues to a person's name or place. A circle could indicate the end of a cycle, such as a completed project. Or a circle might indicate a group of people. It is best to be open to any "hunches" you get during the reading while viewing the tea leaf symbols, especially when they look more like green globs than images.
Tea Reading Instructions Courtesy of TeaReadingWith Marie


A love tea spell can be made on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday during a waxing moon.
You Will Need:
3 candles (red, pink, and green) 4 caraway seeds 4 fennel seeds
1 tea bag 3 rose hips 5 edible rose petals.
If you cannot get rose petals, buy rose water or dried roses from a herbal shop.
(Be sure that the roses have not been sprayed
with pesticides and are safe for brewing into a tea).
Light the candles and place them on the stove near the teapot.
Bring two cups of spring water to a slow simmer.
Add the other ingredients with the tea.
As the love tea is steeping, pass your hands over the steam three times, and concentrate on the feelings of love.
Pour a cup and sit in a cheerful place.
If you have a photo of an intended lover, place it where you can see it as you drink the tea.
Recite this spell:
"I lift this cup to my lips,
I drink it slow with tiny sips,
Rose, tea, caraway,
And fennel cause love to stay."

Thank you for attending my Witches Tea Party! I hope you had a magickal time. Happy All Hallows Eve!xo


Anonymous said...

I love rose petal tea -- and it's extra tasty with fresh fruit! Hey, wait a minute! That witch over there *points to Wicked Witch of the West* stole my broom! *begins to chase witch around room*

BLISS angels said...

now now witches remember we are all here to have a good time ... who would like to play spin the potion bottle... but I'm not playing until jack puts his head back on..... wonderful spooky post Kim Happy Halloween

frasltd said...

oh, this is cute. love it.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, what a fab tea party surrounded by many of my favorite witches :)


Amy P said...

Fabulous guest list! I want to try tea readings :) I'm posting my party later tonight...

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Kim you have outdone yourself with your tea party preps!!!! I feel so much at home and would love to have a few more cups of bewitching brew please.....
Glittery hugs Karla

Janet Ghio said...

What a great post!! I remember all of your guests!!

Celia said...

What a lovely tea party...thanks for having me.

victoriantailor said...

This is delightfull! What a great idea to invite all those famous Whitches! Love that tea cup!
Please come to my tea,

Mina said...

What a marvelous party and extensive guest list. I feel so privileged to be invited and enjoy your tea and goodies. Thank you for the tea leaf reading and spell instructions!

Birgit said...
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Lisa said...

I feel honored to attend a tea party with such a wonderful guest list! A lovely party - hope you can stop by mine for some enchanted sweets.

JoAnne said...

You always put on the best Halloween parties Kim! Stop by for a spot of tea...

AlphaBetsy said...

Wow... what a guest list. I'm so glad I was also invited. A wonderful post. I love that tea cup.



Victoria said...

Wow, what a impressive guest list! I feel very honored to be in such company!


Victoria from Brushstrokes

Susan said...

lovely party Kim, thanks for the info on tea leaf reading! come visit my party (I continue to add to it) but there are at least 3 prizes.

my cup of tea said...

Very cool! Love all the different kinds of cups you have posted!

wickedfaerie said...

What an amazing guest list you have. Now I know why Samantha declined my invitation, you got all the good ones! I have had a great time. Stop over for some tea & treats.

Happy Samhain,
Sue said...

What pretty tea cups!

Toriz said...

Great tea party post!