Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Belgian Chocolate Drenched Oreo Cookies...and they are mine...all mine!!

A sneak peek at one of the many amazing items I received in the SomethingsBrewing Secret Sister Swap. Yes, you read it correctly....BELGIAN CHOCOLATE DRENCHED OREO COOKIES...I didn't know they existed until now. I hid them from my son and husband...and will be tasting them today (if I can remember where I hid them!)  After much sleuthing, and emailing the swap host for info, I learned my swap partner is none other than the fab Ms.Marsha of  SassyMiniDolls! We will be doing a blog post on October 18th and I'll show you all the other gorgeous items Marsha sent me in this swap....but there won't be any more pics of the cookies.....muuuuwaaaahaaaa.....or I should say....yummmmmmm....xo


Sassy Marsha said...

What a sleuth you are!! Bwahhh, let me know how they taste! Hubby and I are still on WW and I was good and didn't buy any for me :) BUT I may have to go back and get some!! I LOVE oreos and I LOVE chocolate!!!

Trick or Treat!!!


frasltd said...

can we assume you won't be including those in a give away?

artistamyjo said...

Wow! Yummy looking.

Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh kim what a naughty girl you are to tease the preganat ladies reading your. i think i am going to send the link to my hubby of this post so he gets the hint....

Janet Ghio said...

Oh boy do those look good!! I would hide them too!! Mine, all mine!!!

Ann said...

don't blame you at all for not sharing!!!

whymsicalmusings said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I can almost taste them:) They are just wonderful! What a great idea Oreos and Chocolate I think this might be a treat my dear hubby will enjoy.... I think I might need to go shopping!

Kasia said...

These ought to be simply delicious!!! you did right girl, hide em and munch em!


Susan said...

Awesome and YUMMY!! I haven't been in a secret sister swap in AGES, if you hear of anymore coming up, let m know. I have tried twice on SUM OF, and I only ever got like 2 people interested so I gave up.