Thursday, October 13, 2011

All Hallows Grim Blog Party

In celebration of all things eerily dark and spooky, I decided to join the All Hallows Grim Blog Party this year...PLEASE BE ADVISED...some of the photographic images I have posted may be disturbing to some. Many of the images posted are from my vintage photo collection and are a gift to you. Left click on them to get the larger view of the image and then right click to save to your computer. You are welcome to use these images in your personal art but please do not use them in collage sheets for sale. Thank you!

I am fascinated with the Momento Mori cabinet cards that were so popular in Victorian times. The phrase 'momento mori' translates as 'Remember Your Mortality'. Although these images have been depicted since ancient times, it's the Victorian Momento Mori that I am obsessed with. A beautiful yet haunting tribute to our loved ones....

Gone But Not Forgotten

'Tis hard to break the tender cord
When love has bound the heart;
'Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words
"We must forever part."
Dearest loved one, we must lay thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace,
But they memory will be cherished
'Till we see they heavenly face.

This unusual Momento Mori shows a deceased loved one in a posed position. This would have been sent to relatives who could not attend the family funeral as a momento of her life and death. Below is a Momento Mori of a young child from the Civil War era who has been 'dressed' for the photo, note how carefully the hair was arranged. A haunting momento of a life that ended all to early....

All Hallows Eve Spirit Connection Spell

You will need:
1 White Candle
Sage or other incense for clearing

At dusk, got to an area or place you feel spirits may inhabit.
Make contact by walking about and allowing your mind to roam,
Light the white candle and start saying the chant:

Clear as midnight, Thy spirits are bright.
Ghostly curiousities, bring you to my sight.
Spirit from across the veil
Come that I might hear your tales.
I ask thee to let me see,
Thy form as you truly be.

The more the candle flame flickers around you, the more the energy of spirit is present.
Glance into the mirror and look past your shoulder...

Do you see mists or glowing lights in the reflection? This is how some spirits may appear to you.
Return to the area three nights in a row, take pictures if possible.
At home, place your mirror face down. Mirrors can trap spirits so be respectful and careful.
If you feel a spirit has followed you home, ask them respectfully to leave.

After three nights, record in your journal your experiences, then clean your home with a broom, sweeping away the energy that may have followed you home. Then burn your sage or incense to clear your space.

Copyright Lady Abigail
Ravensgrove Coven

Now to move on to some other photos that may interest you.... here are two very curious cabinet cards from my collection that show the blurred faces of some of the children in the photos. Although it's probably due to the children moving while everyone else stood still, it does make a curious effect, don't you think?

And one last vintage photo of a woman and child....this photo has baffled me and I find the woman's demeanor to be very unsettling. I would love to know what you the tall woman in costume or is she just very unhappy with her outfit?

Happy All Hallows Eve! xo


artistamyjo said...

I've not heard of these before,very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

BLISS angels said...

kIM WOW! creepy BUT your right Fascinating at the same time.. Momenot mori photos were mentioned in the movie "the vistors" but i didn't think they were real... and the photo with the burred face.. chilling but I have to say we had one of me as a child and some how there were three images of me all three of the images were transparent...and in different place place in the photo... I wish i had it I'll have to ask my mum..what happened to it .. a wonderfully spooky post today

cmoh said...

Great photo's! I love cabinet cards and the momentem ones, yes so creapy, are fascinating, I first learned about them in a movie I think it was called "the Other's" but not sure.

Thanks for the fabulous images and I love the spell.

Great AHG post!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Kim this is incredible. I love it all. The pictures are breathtaking and I don't overuse that word. I'm enchanted my burial rituals, and very few people can understand why. I have a feeling that I don't have to explain it to you.

Have you watched "The Others"? and if you have, how did you like it. I won't say anything about the plot in case you haven't watched it, but I think you'll love it.

I watched the movie because someone said "Vals Opus 69 No.1 Op. Posth." was part of the music and I get all weak on the knees with the tune, but then I fell in love with the movie because of everything else.

Great post!

Jann said...

Love the post and the old photos--thank you so much for sharing them! And your blog looks terrific! Loved the toher halloween posts, also--I will be back soon for a longer visit--your music is wonderfully creepy, as well! Isn't Halloween fun????!!!!!

Summer said...

I think this is the creepiest of all the AHG posts I've read! Thanks for sharing those photos. The momento mori ones give me chills. I always imagine what it must have been like for the ones in charge of arranging the corpses.

Also, I love the spell you included. Thanks for that!

frasltd said...

Hard to believe people would pose the person for a picture but if they didn't have a picture it was their last chance, I have heard of the custom before your post.
Is the music suppose to be creepy? I like it a lot and doesn't give me the creeps-oh well.
Now that last picture is creepy. I wouldn't want to meet her at night but the child doesn't seem afraid of her. You really have to wonder what that was all about.
As always your site is interesting.

Knock Knock Street said...

Hi Kim, I like your post along with the music its real creepy!
The photo of the tall woman with the cape looks like she's ready to fly away into eternity!

monkeycstars said...

I got chills looking at all the creepy photographs! I'm still shivering while I'm typing...

Toriz said...

Love the post; thanks for sharing! :)

Susan said...

GREAT post, love the photos, the spell and the info.
I think that woman, is just stressed and over worked as many women were back then. the cape is lovely and even lined with a fancy color, I think it was probably considered quite stylish in the day, but she kept her arms at her side. Perhaps, she is just not happy having her pic taken, or happy being a mom or a wife.

we'll never know. it is curious about he blurring of the kid's faces.
Happy haunts,