Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Show 'n Tell Tuesday...Wednesday Edition!

I am a day late for Show 'n Tell Tuesday! I didn't forget about it exactly...I just couldn't think of what to post in the morning and by the time the afternoon rolled around, I was completely distracted. I made 30 pages, 2 sets of 15, for the Halloween mini book for the Itty Bitty Book Club on Facebook. I love these little mini books but making so many pages is too many of the same so I'm always glad when I'm done! Before I show you pics of my pages, I'll tell you about my dragonfly pic above. Monday night I was outside around 7 pm and noticed a few dragonflies flying around...and then I looked up and saw a SWARM of dragonflies...there had to be a hundred of them flying by overhead. It was amazing, I've never seen anything like it! I don't know where they were all heading to but they were definitely all going to the same place. The next day, I find a dragonfly on my back screen door and he/she has been there ever since. I couldn't quite get the colors of the dragonfly in my pic but it's so beautiful! And in the upper left corner, those little bits of leg you can see are a bumble bee that got between our screen and storm window in the I try to figure out how to rescue him. You just never know who might come to visit when you live on a farm!

p.s. and for those that caught my first Show 'n Tell Tuesday, Charlotte the spider is still alive and well...and has moved her location closer to my back door. I guess she wanted to be closer to that dragonfly and bumble bee?

If you want to be part of Show 'n Tell,  leave a comment and we'll come c'mon, show us your stuff! xo


frasltd said...

I've never done the mini books but it looks interesting and your pages are really beautiful. Love the colors.

Kasia said...

I love what you did there! Absolutely lovely! And the spider pod is cute in its own way :)


whymsicalmusings said...

Kim this mini book is simply amazing! I love it! You are more than welcome to use the chant. It isn't mine:) Just came from a book.