Friday, September 9, 2011

Gypsy Dreams..and Altered Cuff Giveaway..Updated!

The winner of the Altered Cuff is......Sara ! Thanks so much to everyone who left comments....Sara I will email you for your mailing address. I hope you like the cuff! xo

I am so excited to be part of Celia's Gypsy Dreams blog party this weekend! I love anything to do with Gypsy lore, fortune telling and Gypsy bohemian fashion. My Gypsy Name is Nadja, meaning Hope, and I will be sharing with you my love of all things Gypsy!

Courtesy of Michael Mays Adventure Blog. So Beautiful!

Painting of Gypsy by William Adolphe Bouguereau. Just so lovely....

And from one of my favorite artists, Alphonse Mucha, a beautiful Art Nouveau Gypsy.

In current fashion, the Gypsy/Bohemian trend will always be one of my favorites. Here are two that I just love...

Gypsy Moon who each season re-interprets the Gypsy look in gorgeous color and fabrics

And Magnolia Pearl who blends Prairie/Boho/Victorian into a wonderfully opulent Gypsy look and feel.

This beautiful vintage Gypsy wedding dress and headpiece is an example of the fine art and craft of the Gypsy culture.

Gypsy folklore speaks of Gypsy women having great skill at divination and casting of spells. Here is a spell to protect yourself from the Evil Eye....

An old spell to avert the powers of the Evil Eye called for Nine Toads to be strung alive on the same string and buried at midnight in Hallowed Ground. But for modern Gypsies, just as affective is to sleep with a string of nine knots under your pillow at night...or the act of turning yourself completely around seven times in a clockwise direction at the waning phase of the moon,  while reciting the following incantation at each turn will banish any Gypsy curse...


Courtesy of The Witches Spellbook by Gerina Dunwich

Do you desire for Nadja to give you a Gypsy Witch card reading? Close your eyes and think of your wish....

Open your eyes....

Here is your reading......

Nadja sees much good fortune in your future!

The magic and mystery of the Gypsy camp and caravan has been the subject of fascination for many years...

Imagine living in this magickal over an open fire. Or for more modern Gypsies who like to cook, here is a recipe for a Gypsy Tart that is simple but decadent...

1- 12 ounce can Evaporated Milk
1 1/2 cups Dark Muscovado Sugar (dk brown sugar can be substituted)
1- 10 inch prepared shortbread pie crust

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. In a large bowl, beat the evaporated milk and sugar with a whisk or electric mixer for 10-15 minutes...or until fluffy and mocha colored. Pour into the shortbread crust. Bake for 10 minutes. The tart will have a sticky surface and will not set completely until cooled. Serve chilled.

Courtesy of AllRecipes

Thy Divine Gypsy

I will be a gypsy—
Roam, roam and roam.
I will sing a song that none has sung!
I will sing to the sky,
I will sing to the winds,
I'll sing to my red clouds!
I'll roam, roam and roam—
King of the lands through which I roam.
By day, the shady trees will be my tent.
At night, the stars shall be
My candles, twinkling in the firmament;
And I will call the moon to be my lamp
And light my silver, skiey camp.
I will be a gypsy—
Roam, roam and roam.
I will eat the food which chance may bring;
I will drink from crystal sparkling spring;
I will doff my cap and off will go.
Like a wayward brook of long ago,
I will roll o'er the green
And scatter the joy of all my heart
To birds, leaves, winds, hills — then depart
To stranger and stranger lands, from East to West.
Oh! I will be a gypsy—
Roam, roam and roam!
But always, when I lay me down to rest,
I'll sing to Thee my gypsy prayer,
And find Thee, always, everywhere.
By Ananda Sangha

And this Mignon vintage photo is a gift for everyone...enjoy!

Fair they came,
Fair they go,
And always their heels behind them.

Gypsy Blessings! xo


BLISS angels said...

Miss Kim wonderful post... I'm going to try that pie and wow I would love that tent in my garden i would never leave it...Hugs wendy

Janet Ghio said...

Okay Nadja--love all your gypsy lore! Looks like there are some good links to follow. Thank goodness it's only knots under your pillow and not frogs!!

Celia said...

What an absolutely beautiful post of Gypsy Dreams!! I just love all of the pictures...enchanting! Thank you so much for participating!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful party. I had a great time.
Have a magical day !!

Anonymous said...

Oooo so much too see, so much to say! Thanks for the introduction to Magnolia Pearl and her most awesome style as well as the Gypsy tart I must try! May you always be blessed with sweet Gypsy Dreams!

Anonymous said...

BTW I am storybookforest.wordpress - I have a gmail account only to leave messages on blogs as lovely as yours!

Penny said...

Kim, Thank you so much for you magical and informative post.

I too would love that tent in my garden - but then where ever would I grow my tomatoes and peppers.


Laura B said...

Thank you for sharing your dreams and the recipe, too!:)

Birgit said...
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AlphaBetsy said...

Lovely post. That tart sounds so decadent. Mmmm. I want that tent badly.

Ann said...

lovely post Kim!!!
the tent would be great..but to cook over an open fire,maybe not!!! I would love the traveling from spot to spot..but I wonder if I would tire of it,if I would want to set roots down?hope you are having a lovely weekend my friend!!!
xo :)

Elle said...

amazing post!!

Susan said...

OH KIM, what a wonderful post!! I loved everything and copied all the goodies, spell, recipe, poem and the great cabinet card!
Please throw my name in the hat for your wonderful cuff!
many blessings!

PS...I applied to your yahoo group :)

Frosted Petunias said...

Kim everything is so wonderful! I love all your gypsy images...the art, fashion, the wagon and tent. I love boho style too and I'm almost always in long layered skirts. Thank you for the spell and reading, and that recipe truly sounds divine! Have a magical gypsy weekend.


Dragonfly said...

Magical post, I love the photo of the lace wedding dress and that tart recipe looks yummy.

frith and wishes
J x

frasltd said...

This is beautiful, very well done! Interesting to read and beautiful images. I think your gypsy name fits you, Nadja. I would like the gypsy caravan or the tent-tent would need to be smaller-I don't want to do that much housekeeping.
I think Mucha did some of the most beautiful portraits of women. Really enjoy seeing his work.

Kasia said...

This is such a sweet post! I love the gypsy feel and the bohemian look mixed with vintage is always a favorite! Thank you for sharing all the spells, luck and goodies! :)


Sara said...

Such a fab post and blog. Hugs Sara

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

Lovely photos, recipes, poetry. This gypsy party has everything!