Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Workshop....Whimsical Workspaces!

Rhomany is having a free online workshop on Willowing called Whimsical Workspaces! Signups are happening now and lots of us are already in there chatting about our art 'spaces' and what our dream studios would look like...how to declutter...and why cleaning up your space is a bad idea!

Even if you don't have a proper art studio and just work out of your dining room like I do, this workshop will give you lots of ideas for how to manage all your 'stuff'. Hope to see you there! xo

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Anonymous said...

Kim i rec'd the journaling book yesterday :D thank you so much...why didn't i think quicker...we could've met somewhere in Gburg for coffee and saved the postage!!! i just joined the whimsical site and after i receive my approval i'll sign up for the workspace workshop. thanks for all the info - and the book!