Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Show 'n Tell Tuesday!

I have been thinking for a while that it would be fun to post pics once a week of various stuff....just like Show 'n Tell when I was in school. It's a great way to practice and hopefully improve my photography skills....and I'm hoping you will join in too! I don't have a blog button yet (still haven't figured out how to make those) but if you leave a comment that you are also doing Show 'n Tell Tuesday with a link back to your blog, we can all visit each other and see what you got to show!

Ok so here goes....The above pic is a garden spider that is living behind my BBQ grill. I named her Charlotte (of course) and was happy she stood still for her closeup.

This is Scout, our Leopard Appaloosa gelding who agreed to pose for a pic the other morning. He's very laidback and most  times ignores me and walks away if I'm trying to take a pic...so I took this before I fed him so he would be sure to hang around. He's approx 16-18 yrs old and is a really good guy.

The above pic is a couple of the old bottles I have found in our woods. We have almost 16 acres and half of it is wooded. The Seven Stars area is just west of Gettysburg and although it didn't see any battles during the Civil War, there was a small town here at the turn of the century. Occasionally, after a big rain, some items will surface....in the pic is an old medicine bottle, an old Anheuser Busch bottle and lots of feathers I have found. The little ceramic figurine is one of my little Japanese figurines that I collect.

Here is a close up of a little milk glass mentholatum jar that I found recently....

And this is a pic of a handforged horseshoe and shackle with chain that would have been on an old farm cart or other type of horse drawn farm equipment. Pretty cool, huh?

So  that's some of the type of stuff I find around here and hope you enjoyed seeing some of it...of course my wish would be to find buried treasure but my hubby assures me there were no pirates in Gettysburg...but you never know, right?! LOL

Ok, so now it's your turn...Show 'n Tell! xoxo


Ann said...

how fun!!! love your show and tell!!
i am no fan of spiders..but Charlotte is pretty with all those colors!!Scout is a beauty..such a proud, magnificent horse. Great collection of found items Kim.you never know what else you may find!!!thanks for sharing!! xo

Kasia said...

Just having a forest is a treasure! Lucky you! how cool is it to go around and find old awesome stuff!? Great! And your pets (Charlotte included) are sweet! :P

Janet Ghio said...

Love seeing your photos Kim. I think garden spiders are wonderful creatures! The photo of your horse is very nice and lucky you to have woods to roam in and find treasures!!

Daydream Retreat said...

Haha, Scout looks like he's tolerating the photo shoot...not enjoying it :) Very cute!