Monday, August 29, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and an attempt at drawing again...oh my!

Well, I survived the earthquake on the East Coast...and Hurricane Irene....but this block around drawing and painting is still feeling a bit like an emotional tidal wave every time I give it a go. Sound dramatic? Maybe a little...but it's how I'm feeling about this experience right now. I had signed up for a painting class on Artful Gathering but never did the painting...didn't even touch the canvas! Whenever I started watching the videos I started to cry....then got frustrated...and then really, really mad...without even picking up a paint brush. What the heck ?

So then I decided to try drawing/painting from a different direction by taking Sharon Tomlinson's Inktense Faces on Fabric and have fallen in love with Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Ink Pencils...they are amazing! So I did the above sketch by starting with a magazine image and copying the basic image with pencil, then played around with Inktense pencils and was really enjoying what I was doing...until BOOM! Anger, frustration and tears...lots and lots of is all this coming from?

Sadly, the above drawing ended up going out in the trash before it was finished and I am starting over again this week. But hopefully with a gentler attitude and a better understanding of why this is such a hot button for me. I'll let you know how it goes! xo


artistamyjo said...

Sometimes we expect too much from ourselves
wanting instant perfection.
Your drawing was lovely!
Did you picture it another way,have a perception of what you thought you saw in your mind.Then it didn't look that way.
Art seldom appears on the canvas,paper or other element as we see it in our mind.
Consider if it did we would all be copy cats in life and never have a chance to learn what art really is.

Sassy Marsha said...

Oh, Kim, I'm glad to hear all is well! I do not know why I thought you were in Florida, LOL

Well, I think the drawing is wonderful. I really like the soft colors.

You know, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself when I create. Very seldom does my creation come out looking like it did in my mind. When creating my miniature dolls, I always tried to reach a state of as much perfection as I could and I found that to be so overwhelming that I lost my love of creating them.

Since then I have been trying all sorts of new things and trying to be "free" with my creating. It's helping.

Perhaps you just need to step away from the drawing for a bit, take a break, perhaps when the new year rolls around.

When I was in the third grade I remember by art teacher told me I was no good, that I should never draw. Can you believe that?!?! I remember that so vividly and that has always stuck with me and I think it still haunts me today whenever I create. I could never bring myself to call myself an artist b/c his comment has always made me feel that I am not of that caliber.

Is there something that was said to you when you were young along those lines?


BLISS angels said...

Okay miss Kim you are being far to hard on yourself that painting was beautiful... I can't believe you didn't think so caught a softness to the image...prefection is overrated...true beauty of a painting comes for your soul and that painting had a tons of soul.. so have a cup of tea and start again... HAVE FUN WITH THE PAINT put your fingers in it... put on your favorite music dance , paint, laugh and stop thinking so hard about it
it will come.... Hugs wendy

Aimeslee said...

Kim! So glad to know you survived Irene! And your drawing is absolutely handsdown gorgeous! If I may channel Tabitha, dear, quit your witchin' - it's entirely unwarranted! winkwink xoxo, Aimeslee

Ann said...

Kim...i think your art was wonderful!! i'm always impressed with your art! I can not draw to save my life!! I have,and use, the Derwent Inktense them!!!!!!!! Give yourself a break..take a a deep breath..then go for it!!
All the comments are so "right on"..hopefully these artists wise words will help!!

frasltd said...

One of the hardest things to draw is the human face ad body. That is why there are so few successful portrait artist. I could never have bought myself to throw the painting away. Such a lovely feel to it. What a great pillow it would make or on the front of a sweatshirt or...... Hang in there you are too good an artist to be so hard on yourself.

Anonymous said...

I love the softness and the colors you used in your drawing. You did very well and I think you were too hard on yourself and I am sorry your work ended up in the trash. The frustration you feel is normal and we all go through it when learning something new. I am glad you are willing to try again. Don't let it kick your butt...kick back! You can do it! Hugs :)