Thursday, May 5, 2011

Momma's Got A Brand New Bag Giveaway!

Welcome to my Momma's Got A Brand New Bag Giveaway!

In honor of Mothers Day, I am doing another goodie bag giveaway...with a twist!  

Here is a sneak peek of a few of the items inside the bag.....

Ooooooo....pretty! But what's the  twist you ask?  The mystery is the bag itself......Here's a peek at the bag the goodies will arrive in....can you guess what it is?

Are you excited? Drooling? Absolutely confused?? That's ok!! All you have to do is leave me a comment below about what Mothers Day means to you...and if you want to take a guess at what the bag is, that would be fun too but not necessary to enter.  If you follow my blog and post the giveaway on your blog, that would also be totally cool!

Leave a comment by Friday, May 13th, Noon EST and I will choose a fabulous winner using  Remember to be sure I have a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner!

Best of luck everyone and Happy Mothers Day! xoxo


artistamyjo said...

Oh lovely!
Mother's Day is the celebration of my life.
My 2 grown kids are still just that,my children,my life.
I wouldn't be the person I am without them. Hugs, Amy

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Whatever it is, it's GORGEOUS! I'd be happy just to get the bag! LOL. But the goodies look great, too! Count me in!

bes53913 said...

All mothers know that having your own children makes your connection with your own mom stronger. However, when my younger daughter was putting me through agony during her teen and early adult years, that's when I could look back at all the grief I had caused my mother and marvel at her patience. That's when Mother's Day took on a whole new level of meaning for me.
No idea what that bag is, but it's gorgeous! Please put my name in the hat - or bag!

bes53913 said...

PS: I'm already a follower!

BLISS angels said...

Kim I was just about to email you about something so I'll do that next but oh my I know what that bag is and i have been drooling over them for ages .. so here goes fingers crossed CHECK! toes crossed CHECK! Here's wishing, hoping and dreaming of winning

Hugs wendy

BLISS angels said...

Oops sorry mother's day is hand made cards from my kids . I save each one... they are now at the age that they get all the things I do for them... and say thanks in those cards... Hugs wendy

Sassy Marsha said...

Ohhhh, I love that doll and all the goodies!!! The bag looks very interesting . . . hmmmm is it handpainted? I have no clue what it is but I'll guess a pillowcover!

Mother's Day, sadly my mother is no longer with us, she died in 1986 and my Aunt Nena who was like a second mother to me died several years ago.


JoAnne said...

OMG Kim, the title of the giveaway and accompanying image is great!
Your giveaway goodies are always fabulous and being the QOW (Queen of Workshops) I'm guessing the bag is something you created in the She Art Workshop?
I'm blessed with a wonderful daughter so every day is truly mother's day to me.
Happy Mother's Day Kim!
(Of course I'll put this on my blog.)

Ann said...

Kim, what a wonderful giveaway!! love the title and picture!!!All the goodies look wonderful!! The bag..made from your art I would venture to guess!
Mothers Day...a day to celebrate all mom's and the love,patience,guidence and caring! Not just the mom's who have kids of their own..but what about the special woman in your life,has no kids of her own..but has "Mother'd" you or your kids,or someone elses kids.
a day to celibrate your Mom,sister,aunt,sister-in-law,mother-in-law,grandma-in-law,friend..the older neighbor lady down the street who's family isn't around, the woman in a nursing home who's family doesn't visit? Oxford dictionary says"looks after and protects" as one definition of "Mother".
For me..I like to mess with my son and threaten to show him the c-section scar!!!!..not my daughter..she has her own and her sense of humor is as sick as mine!!
Wishing you a Mother's Day filled with everything your heart desires!!!

cmoh said...

Stunning...I am not even going to attempt to guess because whatever it is my guess will not do it justice, the teaser pictures are just gorgious! And the goodies, I think I need those ;)

Mother's Day...To me, as a daughter, it is the day I get to tell my mom how special she is to me and not feel sappy about it. I get to make her something that comes from my heart and the creativity that she helped nurture.

As a mother, I hate to say it but it's kind of sad for me, it's another year where my little girls are growing older and not giving me flowers from the garden and macaroni art necklaces. But at the same time I get to watch them blossome into beautiful women.

Thanks for offering such a fabulous giveaway, I follow and I will be posting this on my blog.

Janet Ghio said...

Looks like a wonderful goodie bag and the fillings look goo too!! Anahata Katkin--looks a little like her beautiful things.


Yes, I am drooling over this giveaway. I do not have any idea what it is, but it is very pretty. Mother's Day is a day to clebrate the love my Mother gave me while she was living, and How much I really miss her. It is the love I give my children. Please enter me in this fab giveaway.

Thanks so much,

Amy said...

Wow, what a generous thought.
Of course I want to win, so I'll tell you what i think of mother's day.

I am a mother of two teenagers - a boy and a girl.


But wait - wait!
if you think that sucks, then you only know the wrong kind of teenagers, because mine are super.
I am nutso and sort of irreverent, but my kids are tops.

Mothers Day is banned in this house.

I will NOT
tolerate my offspring honoring my magnificence one day out of the year.

I have let them live thus far, after gifting them with life and doing their laundry for so long -

thus, I would hope that i am loved and appreciated Every Day for being the foxy momma that I am.

they've been off the hook for mother's day for over a decade.

my birthday on the other hand....

Simply Debbie said...

Hi Kim,
Mother's Day to me is bittersweet. It was always a very special day with me and my daughter and she has been in heaven almost 16 months. I keep the last card she gave me in my bedside table drawer. It is also a day I not only show my own mother how much I love her but my mother in love also...she is 90 years old.
I don't shop much but the sack looks like someone's stunning artwork, possibly yours...
I THINK I am a follower but if not I will join and would love for you to become my friend/follower. I will post this with joy on my sidebar.
Have A Sugar Sweet I get extra credit because my birthday is on the 10th of May...wink...wink
Simply Debbie

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful giveaway! Whooo-hooo somebody's gonna get totally spoiled!

Mother Day is a fond memory of my children standing in front of me all smiling and holding their little hand made cards and "presents", lol usually rolled up gluey papers and such. That is also what I remember from Mother's Days way back years ago when I was a small girl. Maybe that's why I love making cards so much now! My girls are all grown up but they will always be my little cutie-pies with cards in hand and smiles on their faces no matter how old they get or how elaborate their presents. Happy Mother's day to all the Moms out there in blogland! Connie :)

Lotus said...

Please add me to your drawing!
Thank you!
BTW, happy Mom's day!

Jennifer said...

Both my Mom and Grandma are not here anymore - so Mothers Day is a day for remembering all the reasons that God made Moms!

I know the bag its from Papaya Art and the entire bag is beautiful!!

cwmcdann said...

All I know is that anything you put in a bag will make me drool!

Catherine Love said...

What a lovely giveaway.
I am visiting from the Mary Janes Farm forum ... lovely blog, I'll be back soon!

frasltd said...

Hi Kim
Mother's Day I always think of all the wonderful woman I have known. I feel lucky with the friendships I have made along the way. And of course my mother and grandmother.
The bag-did you hand paint the bag? It looks very nice and will look forward to seeing it.
The picture does make you look like a small child but the coat is beautiful.

Curtains In My Tree said...

Oh my love that bag and the picture of the lady is so fun you know the lady holding the old bag by the 1937 car?

I never knew how specail Mother's day was till my Mother wasn't here for Mother's day . I grew up real quick and realized I should have been a better daughter. I miss my Mom terribly every day