Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Destash Giveaway Winners...congrats ladies!!

Destash giveaway for January....I used the random list generator on www.random.org to select the winners for the Destash Giveaway and the winners are:

Paper & Fiber....Birgit.....of SwappingHowdies   Two giveaway wins...you go girl! HoooRa!

Fabric & Metal......Connie of WaxBeachArtist  Another two giveaway win....what are the odds?? Yay!

*Birgit and Connie, please email me your mailing addresses and I'll send your goodies out to you asap!

Where Women Create Magazine....Pattie Ryan of  OnHollyHockFarm   Congrats to Pattie!! Yay!

Palm-Size Softees Pattern Book....Julee Herrmann of  HeartCollective   Congrats to Julee!! Yippee!

Assorted Crochet patterns and books....Lotus Vele of WhymsicalLotus  Congrats to Lotus! WootWoot!

Assorted Dollmaking patterns....Birgit of  SwappingHowdies  Congrats to Birgit! So lovely to have you as a winner again!

Thank you so much ladies for helping me destash my space! Please email me your mailing address and I'll send out your goodies by the end of the week.

Congrats winners and thanks so much to everyone who played! xoxo


HeArt Collective said...

you're so cute! that was fun...

thanks, dear... sending you an email now!


Lotus said...

Thank you Kim!!!

Ann said...

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Birgit said...
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Pattie said...

OMG! Thanks so much, Kim. I can't wait for my mag.8>) Info on the way.

Anonymous said...

Grats to all the winners! What a cute baby :)

Birgit said...
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