Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Learning to make fabric paper with Danita!

I am taking Danita's Free Motion Persona workshop on Crescendoh and am learning some new skills! I have never been much for doing techniques and making my own backgrounds....until I took this workshop. I am now obsessed with making these totally cool backgrounds. I'm also learning alot about when enough is enough...and when to just stop and leave something alone. Too much of anything... color, glue, water,etc... can take a background from wow to whoops in a heartbeat. A lesson I am currently applying to backgrounds and life! xoxo


Anonymous said...
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Cecilia e Helena said...

It's so beautiful, Kim!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful paper! I kust made my first fabric paper about a month ago. I wish I would have seen yours first...puts mine to shame!

Ann said...

this is really beautiful Kim. Sounds like this is a fun class.

winnsangels said...

Gorgeous. I totally LOVE doing backgrounds. Glad you've found techniques that suit you. Interesting what you say about applying to life also.
Now back to your fab music :)

Susan said...

Kim this is lovely and very interesting with all the textures! :)

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I have a surprise for you :)

Gaby Bee said...

It sounds like this was a fun class. Your fabric paper looks gorgeous!
Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
Gaby xo