Monday, January 4, 2010

Missed a day...and Crochet A Long!

Whoopsie, missed a day yesterday in my 30 day blog post journey...I went to some different antique malls yesterday and had a blast, got some cool stuff...and came home tired but happy...

So for today's post I'm talking about crochet! I used to crochet alot...ALOT...but then got burned out on it and stopped completely. But I love yarn and I miss how crocheting helped me manage my stress. I love making shawls, wraps and the occasional blanket. My favorite patterns are from Gourmet Crochet Her patterns are gorgeous, easy to follow and you can use almost any type of yarn for most of the patterns. She currently announced on her blog that she is doing a mystery blanket crochet a long! I'm definitely going to join in....can't wait to go thru my yarn and pick out what I'm going to use.

The pic for today, in honor of the crochet a long, is a crocheted giant snowflake I made that can be used as a tabletop cover...or even a shawl or vest. The pattern was complicated but the end result was awesome!


whymsicalmusings said...

Oh MY GOODNESS This is so beautiful!

Ann said... there any art you can't do? you are just amazing! this is a gorgeous piece. wish I had your talent.

Vicky said...

beautiful work :)