Thursday, July 9, 2009

What have I been up to lately, you ask?

Lots! I've been taking several workshops and classes on Joggles and having a blast. What a great way to spend the summer when it's too hot to go outside. I've been wanting to try making a tiara/crown after seeing some pics and got to make one for a swap on the Marie group. It's so over the top and I had a blast making it! The cool part is it only cost about $10 to make total. The pink chiffon is a child's tutu turned upside down and the rest of the elements are from the bridal section of Joanns and Michaels...all on sale. And I have to say, there is nothing as fun as wearing something pink, fluffy and sparkly on top of your head...need a smile for the day, wear a tiara!


Debby said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I love Joggles!! hehehe..

debsea said...

this is perfectly wonderful! just what one should wear while mixing the meatloaf :)

Ann said... wonderful!! I can see you going around throught the day wearing this gorgeous tiara.It is good to be the Queen !!!