Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My 'diet' for this week.....

I'm on a shopping and food 'diet' this week! I'm journaling everything I buy and everything I eat to see what exactly I'm 'consuming' or being a 'consumer' of.....(bad grammar I know but you get the point?) I'm feeling bloated and in my quest to clean out my life, these areas seem to be on my radar this week. So far I've only purchased one item for me personally...went food shopping...and have focused on using what I have in my stash for art instead of buying more stuff. It really pushes me creatively to use what I have instead of impulsively buying more.....And as far as the food diet goes? Well, I did have ice cream but didn't eat the whole pint so progress has been made! LOL

Here's what I've been working on lately......


Anonymous said...

I made the same vow, more purchases! Use what I have! Then Melissa posted some new items, and there went my resolve, lol.
Glad you're busy with your classes, but I miss you on the boards!

The Paris Salon said...

These cards are wonderful Kim, especially love the '2'card ;)
Hope your week ahead is a productive one!!